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Original Message posted by m.tarini on 21/05/2014 at 4:00:28PM
Apologies for flooding this forum with posts...
this is the last one.

Just two minor suggestions for further improving a great GUI.
(because, as I mentioned elsewhere, I think the GUI of this game is great).

Very minor cosmetic stuff, but I think it would improve gameplay experience IMO.

1) Main Character portrait.

Currently, the main character "face" portrait (nice touch, BTW) is one of the very few GUI elements with no extra info "on-mouse-over".  I would link it to this mechanism:
show how your character looks like "nude", i.e. with its current stats and the enchantments on the character itself, but without objects or any the enchantments on them (basically, as if all objects are dropped).

The unmodified stats should fill both the middle panel, where all the stats are reported, and the right panel, where the abridged version normally appears (e.g. for monsters or items). As usual, both panels would also reveal which of the three attacks the character would be using (if "naked"), as well all as the protection/vulnerabilities, etc.

IMO, not only this would be (if very moderately) useful, e.g. to help telling which item-conferred protection is redundant: also the ability to easily monitor the actual character stats it might be of some direct satisfaction to the player (at least, it would be to me!).

2) "skip go" sound
(ok, not exactly a GUI issue, but kind of)

Currently, it is the Step sound.
Why not use some sort of quicker, softer "tap" sound instead.

Reasons why this might significantly improve the experience:

a) more immediate to perceive and distinguish what player and NPCs are doing;

b) more realistic;

c) do you ever just "skip go" just to listen if there's anyone after you? That's so cute and neat because it's something that feels natural to do, and it actually works -- but currently the fact that you sound like a footstep even when you just stand *partially* ruins the effect;

d) bonus: repeated "skip go" moves would maybe sound like the character is tapping a foot on the ground, as if (im-)patiently waiting.

Good job at adding a random variation to the pitch of the sound effects, BTW. That would work perfect also for the tap sound above.
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David Williamson
on 25/05/2014 at 1:14:27PM
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These are both great suggestions, and would fit in well. I'll see what I can do.