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Original Message posted by Quote on 07/08/2012 at 9:17:15PM
I truly hate when I try to move in this game, but then I forgot that one of my friends move after I did and they move to the square I'm moving towards. This happens the most as a Melee class when I'm trying to enter a door.

End result: hit them, and they become buttmad and attack me back. This even happened once as my enchantress when I hit a clone, and this really set me back because now it became a doppelganger fight.

I think that there should be a button, there's enough space for it, where if it's pressed down you can hit your allies, but if it's not pressed down you cannot move/attack where an ally is. Therefore: stopping accidents where you can hit your friends.

Or, perhaps, since the right button doesn't do anything...maybe if you right click a friend you'll attack/betray them