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A little glitch in my game... There are 2 replies
Original Message posted by xtheprokx on 31/01/2014 at 2:42:49PM
I've got Hack, Slash, Loot from the latest Humble Weekly Sale, because all the games were promising. I've already owned BOI, so I've tried out HSL first. I really like this game from now on, but there is a little bug that annoys me. So, my game works perfectly in windowed mode, but when I put it into fullscreen, and start a game, when I hit the continue button on the red window that comes down, it just don't want to go up. Well, it goes up, but only slowly or when I go on with turns. This screws up my games, as enemies can hit me as I go on until the window is not there. In windowed mode, this problem does not appear, only in fullscreen. But I want to play in fullscreen...If anyone can help me out, I'd thank that!
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on 31/01/2014 at 4:44:41PM
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Thanks for the reply! I tried both of the options, but none has worked. The game runs fine anyway, but these windows that show your death info, quest info etc. are glitchy in fullscreen mode.
David Williamson
on 31/01/2014 at 3:17:41PM
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That is an odd one. Does it still do it if you change your desktop resolution before putting the game into fullscreen mode? Perhaps setting a lower resolution. Another thing to try is toggling the vSync option in your computers graphics settings.