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Original Message posted by Menelkir on 30/08/2014 at 7:58:41PM
Hi there. I'm a newbie here, with just 28 deaths and 2 wins overall. But, anyway, this game is very nice, but sometimes very confusing... No, I've read most threads here, but there is still some questions left.

1. Sorry, but what IS Silvered type of damage? Why does it (and only it, natch - not mind, not shock) allows to disarm my enemies? Why does it (and only it, again) increases/decreases damage four times instead of two? And, also, why is there a silver-type demons?

2. Why does Shadow from decreases your ranged/magic? And, also, why does it decreases magic attack more than ranged? Judging from dependence of accuracy on distance, magic seems to be the more accurate one. Or is it just an attempt to balance this ability and/or magic users?

3. Eh... And last one - why does Saracen's default weapon attack with Psychic Element? I know what it was a part of buffs to default classes, but... It's a sword, and he is just a Saracen. So, why Psychic? How can a sword deal psychic damage, anyway? Is it so blunt it stuns your enemies instead of cutting them?

I'm not complaining, though. It's just... strange to me. Can't see the concept or logic behind these ideas =)
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on 03/09/2014 at 4:18:17AM
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Woah... That's definitely a satisfying answer. It is unexpected, but nice to know the game is actually much more thought out than it seems at first glance. To be honest, your descriptions made me want more quests, in which the HSL setting's quirks would be explored more closely. If there's an entire world in your head, then I'd (and many other players, I'm sure) would be happy to know more of it. Deeply thought out settings are always a plus for anything, be it a videogame, a book, a tabletop game or a movie.

About Silvered - if there is a properties first, and material second, then, probably, it would be more flexible to give it a name different from material? Like Ethereal, Vorpal or Lunar. Or even Special, dunno. Why? Because, first, "Silver blades deals Silvered damage" sounds redundant. Second, because current wording makes it objectionable to give it to magic weapons. Silver staff casting silver bolts? Sounds weird, imo.

About Shadeform - if there is a three different dimensions, then "shadeform" title may be somewhat misleading ("so, u r now in shadeform cuz u r partially in Radiant dimension, eh?"). Also, the "shadeform" term, in my opinion, is more associated with simple invisibility. So, "phasing" may be more correct title. But, then again, it's just my associations, and it's not that big problem.

Actually, both these "problems" aren't problems per se. It's just... I see a game I like, and I try to understand how it was made, and want to discuss it.

Btw, I've already got a few bugs and suggestions. And - no, not all of them are about making this game easier =)
David Williamson
on 02/09/2014 at 11:10:35AM
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These are good questions. It seems like you've really thought about the HSL world and how it all fits together. Ultimately all design decisions in the game were influenced by game balance, but that doesn't mean there isn't a HSL mythos tying together all the quests. Here are the HSL mythos specific answers to your questions.

1. The Silvered damage type is a damage type that scales exponentially the better you use it. Meaning Silvered weapons outperform other damage types when you use them well(roll high). This could be likened to keen or vorpel weapons in other rpgs. The reason they are called Silvered is that in the HSL mythos silver naturally has these characteristics, and it helped tie the game stats into the game world. In some pre-release versions of the game it was simply called special damage, and still is in the games code. In the HSL mythos items don't have to be silver to have the Silvered property. Silverleaf weapons aren't actually silver but are in fact made of wood from the silverleaf tree. The silverleaf tree is named that due to it's wood having similar natural properties to silver.

Silver isn't the only materials in the HSL mythos to have natural attributes. Gold, mithril, blood steel(which I'll come to later), troll bone, and Adamantine to name a few all have natural characteristics with game effects. Some are very closely tied to damage types too. The Divine damage type could easily have been called Gilded as it is closely associated with gold items.

The silver demon is exactly that, a demon made of silver. Just as ice demons are made of ice, and inferno demons are made of fire.

2. In the HSL mythos there are three dimensions that occupy the same space as the prime(game world) dimension. These are the Radient, Ethereal, and Shadow dimensions. It is possible to partially enter these dimensions and stay partially in the prime dimension. Essentially partially entering any of the dimensions has the same game effect so I called this ability Shadeform for simplicity. I considered calling it phasing as you pulse in and out of the prime dimension, but felt Shadeform had a better sound. And it's also a tip of the hat to Julian Gollops game Chaos which had a Shadeform spell.

As you can imagine being partially in two dimensions can be very confusing. I'd liken it to frodo putting the ring on except you don't go completely invisible. This means attacking and being attacked from distance is much harder. This is also compounded by the fact that these other dimensions interfere with magic and spell casting causing double trouble for wizards.

3. As stated in answer 1 in the HSL mythos certain materials have natural magical characteristics. One such material is the mythical Blood Steel. Blood Steel enhances the wielders psychic ability, and also has its own natural psychic qualities. Blood Steel ore is only found in the HSL mythos' Arabian-esque area, and this is where the Saracen hails from.

I hope you found these answers enjoyable and feel free to ask any other questions you have about the HSL mythos. I used that old writers trick of creating much more history and world detail than is needed/revealed in the game and it is nice to share it with those that wish to hear.