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Original Message posted by Malicon on 06/08/2012 at 3:59:13AM
Over 50 deaths.. no wins.  Tried plenty of variety of quests and character choice.  Tried following that guide that had me use the amazon on the mask one and that ends up being a disaster as soon as I hit a boss(and I dont mean final boss).  Which I end up doing, not by choice, every time.  I don't want to find them, I just do.  There was one I thought I had in the bag.  Knight with shade form and haste... then I found ghost spirits with the same two enhancements.. Now that just felt the game straight telling me "No"

It just seems like every time I get a good run going.. I hit a boss and it just all comes crashing down because my person misses till I die or some other such tragedy

Any tips?  Probably just going to quit playing because.. really?  All that frustration for.. I don't really know.  Glad STEAM had it on sale.. heh..
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on 27/08/2012 at 1:58:48PM
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Luck is involved and, to the newcomer's experience, will seem like the only factor.

But there is a way to play bad.

Kiting is extremely important in this game. There are three main factors:

- Resource management. Remember, the world is your inventory.
- Enemy manipulation. Bring the enemies where you want them to be.
- Long-term planning. Remember what resistances are necessary.

You will have about a 90% success rate if you combine those with patience. The other 10% is dying in the first room from bad generation, which means 1 minute wasted at most.
David Williamson
on 26/08/2012 at 9:16:13PM
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Are you still struggling with the game Malicon? I'd suggest trying to get a couple of artefacts and then use them to help beat your first quest. There is a list of artefacts and their locations on the forum. The runesword is fairly easy one to find, or the chef's cleaver. I'm glad that you keeping trying to beat the game and showing it off to your friends.
on 26/08/2012 at 6:55:43PM
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Just wanted to remind the forums that this game is rubbish and not worth playing unless you enjoy your entire gaming experience to be based on luck.  I'd since turned at least 10 people away from buying and playing this game.  All I had to do was let them play for 15 min. ;) game ruins itself
on 13/08/2012 at 9:48:53PM
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Uh.. I come back to it every once and again.  Most of my 60+ deaths (over half) were on purpose to try and unlock the other characters.  But I fail just the same with so called better characters.  In fact, the best I ever did was a stroke of luck.  As was the way it ended.  Bad luck, of course.

This game isn't difficult, that would require game play.

It seems to be built on luck.  If I can walk into a room with 70hp/20 armor/blah/blah/ and get three shot by some mob..

What was the last hour and a half really for? 

I like a hard dungeon crawler, can't wait from Grimrock's map editor, but this game is just silliness.
on 07/08/2012 at 8:06:07PM
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The game is rather hard, and I only made it to level 5 once with 75 Health and a ressurection + 30-40 armor, only to walk into a room with 2 mages who 2 shotted me because I was weak to lightning.

The best bet I would say is not to get a guide, but to try to get early level artifacts. If you wish to look those up, be my guest, but even though it may be ruining the game a bit for me it made it a lot more fun when I started off with a Necrotic weapon with decent damage, so I could sustain myself and kill harder.
on 07/08/2012 at 4:21:24PM
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I have to agree. I've spent about an hour and half playing the game, and have yet to reach past level 3 in any of the quests using any variation of the classes. I was only able to even get to level 3 by using the Amazon.

I really did enjoy the game when I first starting playing it, especially finding loot all around. At first I thought I was just a bad player in the game and had to learn more about it before I could actually finish a quest.. now that I understand the game more it's really not what I was hoping it would be.

I don't mind a game being random, but things in this game are constantly out of my control. I could end up missing six times in a row with a good weapon, and take 26 damage out of my 30 health left right before I reach the next level of a room. It's basically blind luck at that point. I cannot even begin to tell you how many times I would have roughly 30-45 health saved up, finally find the area to the next level only to end up reaching it with 5 health left.

The game is also completely impossible to show a new player who may be interested in buying it. I bought it only because I saw it was on sale on steam, and I was showing my brother the game and at first he wanted to buy it as well but once he saw how punishing the game is he declined.

I read a few threads here about potions, or making the creatures easier, or even having characters level up to help them be a bit stronger. I don't think the creatures need to be weaker, I just think there really needs to be some sort of way to gain a grand amount health. Finding a potion worth 2-4 health is basically almost a waste in my eyes especially when you leave that room only to take another 12 damage.

Leveling up would probably make sense under two conditions, your character either grows a bit stronger, or at a level up regains full health if not already at maximum. I'm sure a majority of your casual players would enjoy the game more if there was some type of character growth even if we lose it at the end of the quest.

I unfortunately do not see myself playing this game for much longer if all I'm doing is playing to see how long I can survive before I die.