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Artifacts equiped at level start - bug? There is 1 reply.
Original Message posted by Garstel on 21/06/2012 at 8:50:19PM
Hi guys,

great game!

Now my issue: i have collected the mask, the sword, and the necronomicon.

If i start a new level with a new character, he has NO artifact of these equipped. I have to die once, then i recognized i will spawn again with 1 or 2 artifacts equipped.

Issue: i never start with all 3 of the artifacts, e.g. choosing the halfling hunter i had none arifacts first, die once (on purpose), respawn with the mask (so 1 artifact only) etc.

neconomicon: i only seem to spawn with it with the hill dwarf (the character is used for beating the level where i got it), the warrior e.g. gets no artifact at all? By the way, instead of getting the mask, he still wears his crappy helmet..

So noone gets all 3 artifacts, some even don't get one!

Conclusion: Allocation of the artifacts is really bugged, please fix this ;)

Other than this, i really like the game (besides the firedamage for the player, for it destroys items one could loot, why should i play an enchantress???)
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on 08/07/2012 at 2:31:22PM
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This is random chance, though in Version 8 you can select a random or individual one.

You either get 1 or you get 0.