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Original Message posted by mandoris on 26/12/2012 at 11:26:47AM

I recently bought your game off steam, and it seems like something I'd enjoy, but I'm having problems with a couple bugs that are making it painful.  I have seen other people have them on your forum, but they never seemed to really get fixed, as far as I could tell. 

1.  Sometimes when starting I cannot do anything, until I drop and pick up my weapon again.
2.  All of the torches, as well as many other things attached to walls, switch to a picture of blood every second or so, back and forth.  This blinking is painful to watch after a while, and makes me want to stop playing.  :(

Things I have tried after reading forums:
- d3d7 and d3d9 command line additions
- upgrade from 306.xx to 310.70 nvidia drivers
- verified integrity of game cache in steam

The only thing I can think of that is "unique" about my system in any way is that I run dual monitors. 

Intel i5-750, 8gb ram, nvidia gtx 560 ti, monitor resolution 1920x1080, Windows 7 x64

The weapon drop thing is no big deal, but the blinking torches make the game unplayable for any real length of time for me.  Thanks much for the help, hoping to get this fixed and back to enjoying it.  :)

Incidentally, I loaded up a Windows XP Pro machine in VMware and tried the game, it works fine there.  Of course between windows version, "fake" vmware hardware drivers, etc, that changes 80 variables, so probably isn't much help.
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David Williamson
on 26/12/2012 at 5:57:38PM
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One more thing you can try is to delete all the local content. Not at my machine right now but I think you right click HSL from your library and it's one of the options. Then make sure to fully shut down your machine, not just hibernate or sleep, then when you start up your machine steam will reinstall the game.