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Divine/necrotic style stat gains actually default? There is 1 reply.
Original Message posted by scrap princess on 03/08/2012 at 3:25:47PM
Okay so disclaimer, I'm not a grizzled angband veteran revelling in the cruelty of the random number gods, I enjoy but suck at rogue-likes.
So maybe this idea nerfs the game too much, but yeah
I noticed that it seems utterly crucial to get a divine/necrotic/phasing/swift item as early as you can.
And the divine/necrotic stat gain thing especially seems essential to not sucking. Like many levels I just watched my health get chiselled away from unavoidable encounter after unavoidable encounter and there did not feel like there were any meaningful strategies I could do.
BUt if I got that little bit of stat/health gain then it was easier to tide me over until I got a break.
So why not have the random stat gain happen by default from killing enemies, without it being only with some weapon effects?
This seems like it would seem far less arbitrary and cruel for beginners, where it seems you complete at the mercy of the item drops or waiting for a better class to unlock.
Or if it was atleast just for the melle focused ones, who seem to get shafted with higher damage attrition from having to be in striking range all the time,even with the higher defence scores.
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on 07/08/2012 at 7:51:12PM
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I slightly agree, but I slightly disagree. Maybe it would have only 33.3% of the chance of it happening as to compared to having a nec/holy weapon. Then again, this game is based on luck and if you don't find one like that sooner then later then, well, it's just how the dice rolls. I do have a solution to your problem for melee types, slightly, so read below if you wish.

This will come as a spoiler, but it can fix your problem a bit. It includes getting an artifact.

Granted, This game is very hard to sustain yourself for melee types, due to needing to take the first hit because of how the AI for the smarter enemies work (not stepping into you, you stepping into them), but there is an artifact that I got very easily and requires nothing but survival.

On the mission "Journey to the Kimon", on the 2nd floor entry, you will be prompted "A Dungeon fit for a king."
When done so, look for a black door, and inside of it will be about 2 warriors, an archer a Mage and the King himself. By defeating these people, there will be 2 chests, one of which Including the STEEL RUNESWORD. This is an artifact that starts your character off with a melee of +7/20 +Necrotic Damage.

Seeing how this is only on the second floor, even I who am like you (Like some roguelikes, but am not very good at them) was able to make the trip with my mage and blew them down and grabbed the sword, so when I play Warrior/Knight I can start off with a decently strong sword with Necrotic damage.

Note: I did not realize this post came out so long ago. I just read the time when it was posted, and I apologise for necrobumping.