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Mixed feelings. Good value, but poor gameplay. There are 3 replies
Original Message posted by Japhasca on 15/06/2012 at 6:59:09AM
I was tooling around steam when I saw this game. The description made it sound like a roguelike, and at $6.99 the game wasn't going to be much of a loss even if I hated it.

Honestly, I SHOULD hate it, but I find myself playing it anyway. At its core, HSL IS a roguelike, albeit one with almost every level of complexity stripped away besides randomness. There is no leveling, no interaction much besides move, search, attack. And the game is difficult, punishingly so, and perhaps moreso even then the roguelikes it's descended from.

And therein lies my problem: the game is TOO random. Advancing to a point where the player is reasonably well equipped to deal with the enemies is far more about random luck then it is any sense of skill. In the first areas, I can miss an enemy three times in a row while each hit I take removes a quarter of my health. I have no means to rest or otherwise regain health on my own terms. I step on a glyph, I improve a stat. I step on a glyph, I worsen a stat. I cannot level up, as it were--there is no guaranteed baseline of growth. I clear a path and fight enemies, only to be killed by enemies that have spawned behind me. Without a clear shot to begin with, I cannot strategize in a fight because moving and attacking each take a whole turn.

This game suffers from--I won't call it poor design, because it clearly is exactly what it was meant to be--but rather an unrealistic expectation of its player's patience.

And yet--I'm going to keep playing. Time for another attempt!
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on 23/06/2012 at 7:33:37AM
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you should try to play with the pixie mage. with dat character Journey to kimon and Mask of the boy king are 90% win.
on 15/06/2012 at 7:54:30AM
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Sorry to keep posting on my own thread, but it does occur to me that the things I hate about this game would actually make it perfect as a mobile game. Short game times, eventual progression. Perfect for playing on break or on the can.
on 15/06/2012 at 7:27:35AM
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I gather that this is a game that requires perseverance. Proceed, unlock a new character or something, die, start again with better odds. To see another dungeon crawler that did this exceedingly well (and unfortunately seems to have killed its franchise, given that it was NOTHING like its predecessors,) check out Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter on the PS2.

Unfortunately, the lack of any amount of skill allowing me to play far enough to do this has really turned me off of this game in the short time I've been playing it. At least let me keep the equipment I find on a character after death! Shmeesh.