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Please Heeeeeeeeeelp I Can't run the game!!!!!!!!!... There are 3 replies
Original Message posted by Keinname on 29/05/2013 at 4:15:02PM
Since yerstday, i can't play HSL. Why?
I click play on steam and "YOU SHALL NOT PASS".
There's a small window witch EXCEPTION_ACCES_VIOLATION popping up.
And everything i can do isclick either "X" or "OK".
Please quickly anwser how to fix it!
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on 17/06/2013 at 8:13:18PM
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Thank you!
I deleted my saves- propably they were corrupt
(because i had CRAZY archiviments,like:
*7777 health(HOW it could happen? i didn"t remember to get this)
*352 dmg ( vorpal + silver + dragon+  warrior = Doom^1844674383914406 )
*9000 def (bug?!?)
Maybe i do a new let"s play on this game?
But please add a nice bonus for this game, atleast a christmas update, or a vacation update, like a new quest.
My suggestion:
A survival map quest, lie a arena.
*5 levels, like usual.
*CUSTOM maps, i mean each level is a large, non-random room.
*Waves: every x turns or after interacting witch a "next wave" object on the map.
*Artefacts!(or, if you not want, atleast this quest) After Surviving every wave on the level, the game will create some artefacts as a reward. the player can get them and complete the quest even at the 1 level, but he can also go to the next level, survive all the waves and get BETTER artefacts.
PLEASE not leve the game, thats not SO much work to add about 10 custom waves and some artefacts.
If you want, you fans (including me) will help you witch e.g. waves, artefacts etc.

Sumarry: A map that Needs the FULL knowelesge of a player, thats hard to beat and replayable.

P.S. Have a nice day!
David Williamson
on 30/05/2013 at 8:27:34AM
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OK, let's see if we can get you up and running again. If this is the Steam version then the first thing to do is verify the local files cache.

Verify local cache
In your Steam library right click Hack, Slash, Loot and select properties.
Select the Local Files tab, and then click Verify Integrity Of Game Cache.
This may take a couple of minutes to complete.
Restart Steam and try the game again.

If this doesn't work the next thing to do is delete the game and reinstall.

Completely shutdown Steam.
Find the Steam directory on your hard drive.
Navigate to the folder Steamapps/Common/.
Delete the folder HackSlashLoot.
Restart your computer before restarting Steam and try the game again.

If this doesn't work then try deleting the save files.

Delete Saves
Find HSL's data folder on you computer using the steps below.

Type the above path into the Windows Explorer path bar.
~/Library/Application Support/HackSlashLoot/Data
From Finder select Go>Go to folder… and enter the path above.
You're a Linux user, you know what to do.

Back up the files in the folder then delete them.
Restart HSL.

If non of these help then please email me more details such as system specs, OS, etc. to contact@gooeyblob.com
on 29/05/2013 at 4:16:37PM
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It never happened before.
And someone should edit the unofficial wiki.
And please Make the unofficial wiki official, Dawid, because its the only in the net.