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Question: is this project still alive There is 1 reply.
Original Message posted by m.tarini on 21/05/2014 at 3:28:41PM

I don't want to sound rude.
I really like this little game and  I really appreciate the work by David Williamson (as I stated multiple times).
Awesome job, really!

That said, I'm just curious about the question in the thread title.
Or, to put it differently:
- How old is the last update?
- Is there any plan to release further updates in the future?
- Have quests / content been added, since the first complete version came out?
- Is there any plan in this direction?

That sort of stuff.

Anyway, I will actually buy my copy today
(as soon as a fix an issue with my paypal).
The entertainment the demo has given me was already worth it,
not to mention, the complete version will do even more so, I'm sure.

So, even if the answer is that there's no realistic plan for significant update anytime soon, i'm cool.
It is just that knowing that more is on its way would make the game even more exciting because it would feel... open-ended.
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David Williamson
on 25/05/2014 at 1:32:26PM
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It's not rude in the slightest. There have been quite a few major updates since it's release. The game is over two years old now though and so updates will be much less from now on. I'm a one man operation so my latest projects must take up most of my time. The recent port to iPad and Android means that some of those additions should filter back to the PC version eventually.