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Scroll: "Remove all enchantments".... REALL???? There are 3 replies
Original Message posted by hackerslasherlooter on 31/01/2014 at 10:32:12PM
Dear Developer,

I have thoroughly enjoyed your game ever since purchasing it.  It has a great retro feel, and I love the challenging aspect of it.  However, today I encountered something in the game that was incredibly frustrating and felt almost like a back-handed punishment for taking part in the exploration that the game design encourages.  After spending about two hours on a quest that has large levels, I was on the third level when I found a random scroll and used it.  To my astonishment, the scroll removed every enchantment and stat enhancement that I had worked for over the past two hours, setting me back to my stat initial stat levels, and essentially sealing my doom in one fell swoop.  This felt like an unnecessarily harsh "challenge", in that it essentially ended my game without even giving me a fighting chance.  It felt like a punishment for working so hard in the game to level up and explore to gain enhancements.  It is a different feeling than when I die from a couple hard hits from an enemy... that feels like an acceptable challenge of the game that I can overcome through hard work and strategy.  Instead, opening a scroll that randomly removes every stat enhancement I've worked hard on for two hours just feels like a slap in the face, as opposed to a justifiable challenge.

Sorry for the rant, but in my decades of gaming, I've just never encountered a situation like this where I feel like a developer implemented something that was so cruelly harsh.  At least implement it as a curse that can be removed by another scroll, or something like that.  For example, in the original Legend of Zelda, there were the enemies that cursed Link and made it so he couldn't use his sword... but at least he could eventually get the sword back!

It's one thing to make a game hard as hard and challenging as your game.  Building up your character for two battles and dying in a harsh battle is one thing.  You get to use your hard work, and at least learn how to fight battles through the experience, even if you die quickly.  However, building up your character for two hours and then having all your work removed without having a chance to use it in battle just sucks.  If "harsh reality" gaming is the goal, you may as well implement a random "Character died from heart attack" event that causes the character to die of a heart attack 1 out of ever 5000 turns or something like that.

Please consider modifying the "Remove all enchantments" scroll, or at least help me understand the reasoning behind it.  It just feels so unnecessarily frustrating that after two hours of building up my character, it was all lost due to a scroll that normally would help me.  Please keep in mind that I am not a completely new player, and that I have in fact already put in many hours into the game.

Summary: While tough in-game battles and challenges are great (which your game implements very well and I very much enjoy), randomly erasing a character's progress is unfair, unnecessarily frustrating, not cool, not acceptable, and most importantly NOT FUN.
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Da WHOAman
on 02/07/2014 at 8:55:08AM
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My entry to this is obviously VERY late, but I gotta wonder, if it says that "such and such potion/scroll will revert everything back to baby steps", is it obvious that's what it does? Do you have to go digging into the said items to find out? What if you come across it whie being chased by a monster who is trying to eat you because you smell of its favorite cologne Old Spice and you don't have time to read?

Bear in mind this is from someone who has just installed the game, checked out the "how-tos",found the forum, figured I could stand to l earn a thing or twonand this is the first thing I come across. So all I have done in the game is create myself so these are questions for curiosity's sake rather than to stir up a hornets nest.

Got screwed over by a freemium game because the didn't explain except in the teeny tiny small print at the bottom of the policy, that they don't have any type of save except through I O S and Google Play neither of which recognize the Kindle Fire HDX, nor do they give a workaround for this issue. So I accidentally deleted the game and couldn't stop it quick enough, tho, at that point in time I wasn't concerned because all other freemium games I'd played had some sort of backup for your character and any real $$ spent on it so I figured I may need to start over but all the gems I had purchased would be there along with my beginning character even tho she would have been a level one again.

But no. I lost EVERYTHING all because they released it to Amazon but not the backup program or instructions on the backing up of your character. I wouldn't be too upset except I spent over $200 to help support the game only to be told "oh well. Guess you should have looked more closely then shouldn't you?"

Yes, I saw red - still playing but without supporting them anymore and even that is coming to an end as I'm still very frustrated.

So I see where the other person is coming from. (S)he my not have spent extra money but that hard work went to waste with the use on a scroll. I agree - at least come up with something that will give back lost attributes or whatever or, even easier, make the scroll's effects temporary. Might keep more players involved when they don't have to worry as to whether or not a scroll or potion is gonna jip them of hours of hard work. Just my 2¢ worth :)

Now, back to reading to learn a little more before I go kicking some booty! :)
on 24/06/2014 at 3:31:38AM
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Well there you go lol. I just had the same thing happen to me except it was an Apple that dispelled all my enchants and sent my amazon back to stone age stats. That was surprising to me and like you said very frustrating after playing off and on all day while working over an 11 hour period. I usually just picked up every consumable I came across but I will now check EVERY SINGLE THING lol... I've been playing this game now for a week and I LOVE it. That was a very unpleasant surprise though.
David Williamson
on 01/02/2014 at 7:39:24PM
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All dispelling scrolls and potions say exactly that in their description. All you have to do is read the name in order to avoid them. Why would you use a scroll of dispelling? Or drink a potion of disenchantment? I really couldn't make it any clearer, unless I wrote do not read/drink on the them.