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Original Message posted by Da WHOAman on 02/07/2014 at 9:40:32AM
As an Amazon Kindle Fire HDX user, it's great seeing a game you've waited for to finally make it to Amazon only to discover it is WAY out of date. Not saying this is the devs fault - we longtime users know where we stand with Amazon. But when it finally gets to Amazon and the update is, say, 1.02 and yet Google Play is at 2.3 or some such thing. And Amazon charges $4 for a game Google Play charges $.99 for a newer version (again, not devs fault) is there any way you guys can get after Amazon to get the updates coming more expedient or get Google Play to recognize Amazon devices?

Shoot (off topic) I have a Google Chromebook that Google Play doesn't recognize, tho that might have changed since my last visit. Talk about your own people leaving you in the dirt. It's why I went with the Google Chromebook, so I could get the games that Amazon doesn't have or at least is far behind on the updates.

Sorry, end rant. Just seems those of us who can't afford the higher priced gadgets get left out in the cold even tho the hardware/is is up to snuff. Just a pain. Thanks for reading this far if I didn't bore you tho tears. :)

Thanks again.
Da WHOAman
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David Williamson
on 02/07/2014 at 6:03:58PM
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The Google Play version is at 1.3 and the Kindle Appstore version is at 1.2. The only differences are a few features to aid playing on phones. The only reason that the Kindle is one version behind is that Amazon asked me to hold the update until after the Free App of the Day promo as the game would need to be re-certified for the promo.

Once the promo is over I'll set the 1.3 update live on Kindle Appstore. The APKs for the Play and Kindle versions are identical. There should be absolutely no difference between playing on a Kindle and playing on other Android devices.