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Original Message posted by dbptwg on 16/05/2014 at 12:15:16AM
I've seen some white numbers I believe only in the weapon damage slot, white opposed to the normal grey. I also think only on enemies. Could someone tell me what this means?
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on 19/05/2014 at 3:39:00PM
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Here's what I know:

When the player shows a bright white DMG (damage) stat, instead of gray, it signals that it has some-race bane effect (e.g. 'orc bane'), which, I think, means x2 damage against monsters of that race.

(digression: as usual, the GUI of HSL being that small masterpiece it is, the connection -- stat color to special effect -- is made self-evident, this time by the use of a matching color in the respective weapon description; it's incredible how many self-explanatory different elements are crammed in just a bunch of pixels, yet in a clear way!)

I guess that if a monster is wielding a weapon of that kind, its damage is reported is white, even tough I'm not sure I've ever seen "human bane" or "elf bane", or anything that would directly affect the player. More likely, the white color serves an indication of the special quality of the weapon that that monster might drop when killed (or disarmed).